Located within the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino, Rock & Rita's wanted to reinvent itself. The pop-art post-9/11 "Great American Party" theme was no longer effectively defining the restaurant and bar and some changes were needed. The owners made the courageous and inspired choice to turn the place into a BBQ joint and Cerebral Itch was brought in to help make the branding transition.

Embracing the dixie-fried Rockabilly/Psychobilly vibe and listening to bands like Southern Culture on The Skids and Hillbilly Hellcats, Cerebral Itch created a gritty, fun and irreverent brand makeover that utilized the lovely Rita, evicted Rock and learned to love the toilet.

The Rock and Rita's toilet is a miniature ceramic toilet that is filled with 44oz of a cocktail of your choice. They cannot keep these things stocked. We're happy for our client, but weep for humanity.

UPDATE: We recently learned that Rock and Rita's management took a knee and got out of Circus Circus. From those ashes rose Vince Neil's Tatuado. A restaurant and bar dedicated to the memory of Motley Crue's glory days and the experiment that you can be reminded of fog machines, hair spray and chlamydia while dining.

To quote Gong Show creator and CIA operative Chuck Barris, "Bad grass never dies".