Cerebral Itch was paired up with the Lescher Mokuau Group, an award-winning marketing agency by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment to create the storyline, all dialog and supporting copy for the online game, Hunt The Predator.

The game was built to support the 2013 holiday re-release of the Arnold Schwarzenegger action sci-fi action classic, Predator 3D on Blu-Ray. Player and fans would receive intel from Facebook posts scattered around on related properties Facebook pages (Commando, Aliens vs, Predator, etc.). Players would gather clues from a "Whistleblower" who was releasing information to the general public about the Predators in the hope of defending the Earth. Dialog was also written in the voice of "Dutch", Schwarzenegger's character from the movie.

Writing copy as a CIA whistleblower divulging information about extraterrestrial hunters may just have been our most enjoyable gig all year.