This faux-pernicious calendar/to-do list is pretty funny - Gizmodo

My Gay Agenda began as an idea by Boston-based writer and blogger Gina Loukareas, who shared the concept with her friend, April Winchell; a Los Angeles comedian and voice over actress.

"We envisioned it as a classy, understated sort of up-yours to all those horrible organizations that claim to hold a monopoly on goodness and morality," says Winchell. "But we also wanted it to be fully functional and truly useful - but above all, we wanted it to be funny, snarky and lovingly gay-centric, without being overblown; you should pardon the expression."

Winchell and Loukareas came to Cerebral Itch. The timing was perfect: We had just launched Powered by Cerebral Itch. We set out to encase the comedy gold in a smart design that harkened back to the day-planners circa Mad Men in which typography and texture were essential. According to thousands of users it all worked.

My Gay Agenda turned out to be the most downloaded app ever developed by Cerebral Itch and resided in the iTunes top 50 utility app list for two weeks.

The My Gay Agenda iPhone app is no longer available on iTunes.