Hangover Heaven is the brainchild of board certified anesthesiologist, Dr. Jason Burke who realized based on his own research and real-life experience that the treatment of symptoms felt immediately after surgery (headache, nausea, etc.) could be applied to treating a hangover.

Dr. Burke entrusted Cerebral Itch with his concept and we ran with it. Within three weeks the now world-famous Hangover Heaven mobile clinic was designed and wrapped, all branded elements including apparel and online were completed for a ridiculously successful launch.

Following on the success of the 2012 spring and summer months, Cerebral Itch designed and developed the Hangover Heaven iPhone app. The app enabled users to not only learn more about Hangover Heaven, the therapies and Dr. Jason Burke but also be able to push one button for a priority reservation that will send an email to the booking team containing the client’s contact info and GPS coordinates.

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