Described as The f*cked-up lifestyle of the plastic and beautiful for all the world to see, Barbie Bitchuates was the disturbingly hilarious creative outlet and social media experiment of our founder in response to his four-year old daughter's growing Barbie collection.

Using the Halftone iPhone app iPhone app by Juicy Bits Software, Barbie Bitchuates was a comic strip devoted to showing the lives of several Barbies living under the same roof; two of which had Ken boyfriends that happened to be secret gay lovers.

Within two weeks of launching, the Barbie Bitchuates Tumblr was pulling huge numbers (sustained 10K uniques for two months) and getting reported on by Andrew Sullivan's The DishUnicorn Booty and Perez Hilton just to name a few.

SPOILER ALERT: Barbie Bitchuates is most definitely NSFW