Here are some blasts form the past. Cerebral Itch Creative Agency work examples from clients and projects long since lost to the sands of time.

Star Trek Nemesis - Cerebral Itch was retained by the agency Bleu22 for Paramount Pictures to completely revamp character biographies, starship and technology descriptions as well as sweepstakes and miscellaneous copy related to the 2002 release of the film

Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas - We're most successful when we're able to have fun and the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas gave us that in spades. We were brought in to assist the online development team in crafting copy for the entire site. Accommodations, nightlife, events, you name it, we wrote it.

Maui Sky Fiber - In the dark ages of WiFi, a group of investors were erecting towers all over Maui and selling modems to residents with little success. They brought in Ci and we dramatically impacted sales by hosting on-beach demos of wireless Internet at surf contests and canoe races (mundane now, but in 2003 it was witchcraft), changing the the collateral, package design and the overall feel of a boring piece of tech.

LiveWire Cafe - 2002 saw a lot of tech cashouts come to Maui to cool their jets and live the good life thanks to their stock options. One was a Microsoft alum who wanted to open an Internet cafe in downtown Paia. He met with us at a little tech conference and by the end of our meeting, we had another Maui client. LiveWire Cafe became an institution on Maui and a regular meeting place for some notable Silicon Valley royalty who would blow through Maui. Many of them bought coffee, t-shirts and one even got the logo tattooed on their arm (no joke).

HYPE - Cerebral Itch was asked to bring an identity and flavor to a joint-effort between Playboy TV and P-Diddy, We went to bat and came up with what was selected to be the go-ahead look and feel. Unfortunately the new channel never saw the light of day.