In 2002, I was burned out from the corporate slog in San Diego and moved to Maui to start anew with my then wife-to-be Kathleen who did me a solid by lining up a couple of clients for when I landed on the valley isle. It was at that moment The Cerebral Itch Creative Agency was born. Since then, the agency has helped clients like Paramount PicturesHard Rock HotelBig Hurt Beer20th Century Fox to name a few. We've learned a lot and worked with many, but my favorite co-worker is Kathleen, who is an operations guru and also has a keen talent for being able to tell me when my copy and design suck at those all too frequent moments when in fact it does.

Cerebral Itch - A Chronology

2002 - The Cerebral Itch Creative Agency hangs a shingle on the island of Maui.

2006 - The Cerebral Itch Creative Agency relocates to San Diego, CA along with a roster of over 25 clients both in Hawaii and the Mainland.

2006 - Cerebral Itch Greeting Cards launches at the National Stationery Show. By 4Q 2007 our cards are being carried in nearly 500 stores in the US and Canada.

2007 - Cerebral Itch wine labels go on sale and are an instant success. Plus, receiving a mention by Wine Library's Gary Vaynerchuk and the Chicago Tribune as well as a host of wine blogs throughout California boost sales.

2008 - Cerebral Itch reaches it's apex in sales and number of stores that carry our product. carries our t-shirts in their online store and Spencers is selling our greeting cards in all their US locations. We were booked to appear on CNBC's The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch on Monday October 6th, 2008. We were bumped due to the DOW dropping 800 points. The economy did not recover that year and we lost our spot to appear on a popular business show. The resulting recession over the next nine months caused losing over half of our stores requiring an immediate reinvention of our distribution, inventory and sales strategies.

The Cerebral Itch Creative Agency relocates to Las Vegas in December.

2009 - We developed our first iPhone e-card app. Again, another successful division launch leading to the growth of our own apps division (powered by Cerebral Itch) and partnerships in creating the very popular and first LGBT-themed apps on the iTunes store: My Gay Agenda and the Handsome Devil Press e-card app. Between 2009 and 2011, we created some of the most popular apps in their iTunes category. Most notably, My Gay Agenda, Mean Cards and the Handsome Devil Press e-card app were well-received critically (Gizmodo, Towleroad, The Billerico Project, Joe.My.God) for their functionality and design. By 2010, Powered by Cerebral Itch was the single largest developer of iPhone e-card apps on iTunes.

2010 - New efforts are applied to the Creative Agency and an aggressive push to acquire new clients in Las Vegas begins. W2W Records, Kahunaville. Rock & Rita's and Hangover Heaven are brought on as new Las Vegas clients.

2014-15 - Back on Maui having a blast working with new clients and producing the Maui Comedy Festival.

2016 -  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


One night in 2006 I read an article about a greeting card company that was killing it and said “hell, I could do that.”. I knocked out 30 cards, handed them to the wife, she laughed and four months later we were exhibiting at the National Stationery Show getting flooded with orders and before we knew it we were a creative agency and a greeting card company. By 2008 we had expanded our product lines to include t-shirts, fridge magnets and removable adhesive wine labels. We were on TV, in magazines, on websites, our products could be found in over a 500 stores in the US and Canada; we we're living the dream. And then the financial collapse and the advent of social media happened. POOF, there went the greeting card industry.